Friday, January 11, 2008

Phone Commitment Imminent

Since the month of January puts the "free" in freelancer, I've had more time than I need to think about my imminent 2 year cell phone commitment.

I have no problem signing an extended contract with Verizon. I've been a satisfied customer for more than 16 years. My commitment phobia is over the phone I'll call mine for the next 731 days.

Up until 2 years ago I'd never had to think twice about my phone. I had one. It worked. End of story. In fact my phone from 2 years ago is still holding its charge. Talk about reliability.

Then I was seduced by a slick piece of under-performing junk. You know what I'm talking about: the Razr. You've heard this rant from me before. I know it's wrong to hate stuff, but God forgive me I hate this phone. I just want it to work whenever I need it, all the time; not 7 out of 10 times on days when it feels like performing. ALL the time.

My brother just got a new Voyager. So far he is in love with it. I'm tempted to go that route, but wonder if it's too much phone for me.


So in between practicing for my upcoming recital (and sometimes while I'm practicing) I'm wrestling with this decision in the back of my mind. Well, sometimes in the front of my mind. Actually, I can't claim much depth of mind at all since I'm still snarfing Sudafed in order to hear.


That's what's been going on here at FlutePrayer Central. That and lots of naps. I hope I feel up to snuff soon. Meanwhile, you'll find me in a corner mumbling, "Voyager? Blackberry? Envy?..."

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