Saturday, January 5, 2008

Just Do It

As I was wrestling with the idea of working out this morning, wondering if I was indeed well enough to pursue it, I shot up an "arrow prayer" to the Lord:

"I don't feel as if I can exercise. What should I do?"

I heard the reply loud and clear:

"Just do it."

Later, I was trying hard to get with the practicing. My right ear is still throbbing and plugged. My left ear has had better days. I wasn't sure how hard I should push myself.

Again I prayed.

Again the reply came:

"Just do it."

How many times do we wait for the "perfect moment" to arrive before doing something?

How many times do we use the excuse, "I just don't feel motivated."

How many times do we pray, waiting for divine intervention for a problem, wondering when the miracle will occur?

How many times has the answer been there all along:

Just do it.

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