Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

What do you give to a much beloved aunt and uncle for Christmas? They can afford to work when they wish and travel to exotic locations when they're not working. Let's see...a tie? Some cologne? Fruit cake?

Last year Bob and I finally hit on the perfect gift: tech support! We (along with my brother Ken) took them out computer shopping, helping them choose identical laptops. We then assisted them as they went from complete computer novices to work literate users. They were ecstatic with the gift and we were grateful to be able to give something back to our truly generous and supportive relatives.

Yesterday we were back for Tech Support; The Gift II.

Bob is a patient, knowledgeable teacher. Charlo and Joe are avid students.

Charlo's HP had taken a turn for the worse earlier in the day. Bob was able to resolve several issues, but the faulty on/off button required a call to the Philippines (who knew?) for tech support. Charlo's computer is destined for the repair shop, but it's working for now.

Joe's computer was easy. It was refusing to talk to his printer. Bob resolved that with a simple driver download.

Meanwhile, my brother Ken stopped by with his newest acquisition; a Verizon Voyager:

He showed me all the bells and whistles on his cool new phone.

We all then trekked over to Katella Deli for some truly wonderful food and great conversation.

A good time was had by all.

Merry Christmas Charlo and Joe!

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