Monday, September 28, 2009

Disneyland Date

Bob and I haven't seen much of each other lately. We've had opposite days off for the last month. Despite the fact that Bob is exhausted from punishingly long days at work and very concerned about his still-hospitalized mother, the dear man insisted that we take advantage of our Annual Passes and head to Disneyland for dinner and the new fireworks show.

We are enjoying the MUCH cooler weather, and are contentedly digesting our delicious meal. Not sure where we'll wander to next. I'm just grateful that whatever we choose to do, we'll be doing it together. Bob is a true prince.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Low Tech facebook

My brain has developed a case of Short Attention Span Theater.

I find myself surfing from book to book to book to, well, book. In my defense, sometimes manly Jack Reacher is in a bit TOO much of a bind. If things get unbearably tense, I flip over to see how wry, witty spots agent Myron Bolitar is doing. This book is much darker than usual, though. Hmmmm. What is pet sitter Dixie Hemingway up to? Oh. Ludicrous plot premise. Maybe new friend Lewis Gillies has something entertaining to say.

It's like a green version of facebook - checking on friends' statuses (statusi?) without using a bit of electricity is good for the environment. Really. Best part? These are LIBRARY books. See? I'm recycling AND saving money. Have I justified my short attention span yet?


How about * WAIT*! Jack Reacher's in a bind... Gotta go!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Posterous Posting

Trying out posting with Posterous because blog hero beFrank uses it. Not sure what I would do if he told me to jump off a bridge...
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Excellent Expo23 Experience

I wasn't sure what to expect from Expo23 at the Anaheim Convention Center on Saturday.

Bob was out of town and I was on a solo geek tour of all things Disney.

I was not disappointed.

I am looking forward to the new Cars Land, so was excited to see the scale models.

What I wasn't expecting was the Imagineers that are working on the project were actually there to answer questions about their project. No detail was too small, and they withheld nothing about the coming adventure.

Very, very cool.

This audio-animatronic stuff creeped me out a little:

I heard about the castle being built with donated canned items so I brought a few myself.

I wasn't prepared for this level of artistry:

I was excited to hear about the new things in store for the parks.

I didn't expect to see Darth Vader:

Here's what we saw:

My favorite part of the day was The Princess and the Frog presentation. No cameras were allowed so I can't share the stunning images we were amazed by.

Hand drawn animation vs computer aided is like a live symphony orchestra vs a synth.

There is no comparison.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sonic BOOM

I was just sitting at home minding my own business.

La la la.

Peaceful busi***B*O*O*M**BOOM****what the????

First thought? Earthquake. Except, wait. No shaking.


Then I came to my senses and remembered some news story or other had mentioned that the Space Shuttle might land at Edwards Air Force Base resulting in the signature twin sonic booms:

I can also report that this map was extremely accurate, at least here in the Long Beach area.

I am extremely thankful that the landing was safe.

I feel fortunate to be a small part of the experience.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's All About The Food

Azusa Pacific University resumed classes yesterday. I was on hand for the first meeting of Flute Choir (more on that at another time).

Thursdays are another teaching day for me, but since flute lessons don't start until next week, I took advantage of my last Thursday of freedom and went to the Los Angeles County Fair.

Here's a question I've always pondered - why is the L.A. County Fair so far from most of L.A. County?

My dear husband Bob has been putting in up to 15 hours on the days he's been working in the Green Building.

I used his employment today as an excuse to make my first trip to the fair in probably 25 years.

That's just the excuse.

It was really all about the food.

What to choose? Frogs legs? Deep fried twinkies? Totally fried smores? Heart disease?

I went for the healthy option:


It had a vegetable right in it!


I thought happy thoughts all the way home.

And there you have it.

It's all about the food...