Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wheel Chair Birthday

Thanksgiving didn't exist for me last week as I lay prone in a hotel bed trying not to oink.

Today is my birthday and I didn't want to yield completely to infirmity. I've been fever free since Saturday and am not coughing or running out the nose. I did develop a new symptom yesterday, though - Vertigo. No biggie unless you want to WALK. At Disneyland, Annual Pass Holders get a $72 gift card on the day of their birthday. I didn't want to miss that. Hence the wheel chair.

Although there is no way I can walk, the wheel chair allows me to enjoy the Disneyland experience. Here's something I've noticed: kids look me right in the eye with big smiles and (thanks to my birthday pin) wish me happy birthday. That is absolutely making my day. We should all try to be more childlike...
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