Monday, January 7, 2008

Just Wait It Out

"Just wait it out."

That's what the doctor said to me today. I woke up feeling worse instead of better. My right ear is painfully clogged, I can't hear, and I've been dragging around even though I've spent the last two weeks indoors, sleeping more than I've been awake.

Bob and I waited for 2 hours at the local urgent care to get the prognosis: there is nothing to be done but wait for my sealed up Eustachian tubes to open.

What to do in the meantime? Take Sudafed.

Well lock me up in the loony bin. Sudafed makes me hallucinate and keeps me awake for days.

However, I am desperate. I've taken said Sudafed and am now hyper-alert and not in complete control of my motor skills.


I'll just go and practice my flute now.

I'll let you know when those tubes open up...

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