Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Continuing Car Drama

Remember that incident with my car back in October?

I restrained myself from blogging about the appalling condition my car was in when it was returned to me.

The body work was superb:

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, when the rear window was removed (why was that necessary anyway?) a thorough trashing of the interior and the molding of my car took place.

Oh, and did I mention that my car was left without a rear window in a torrential downpour?


I immediately called the person at the-body-shop-that-will-remain-nameless who was responsible for my car. He said bring the car back in and they would fix it but they wouldn't supply me with a rental car.

After they had held my car hostage for 3 days and hadn't completed any work on it I called and asked when I might expect it back.

Let's just say the person I was dealing with should not be in any form of customer service.

Fortunately, in the midst of this, the claim adjuster from Mercury Insurance called to follow up on the problems. She immediately gave me the name of the regional re-inspector for Mercury.

I am extremely happy to report that he was wonderful. He told me that I would never have to talk to the person at the body shop again, that he would take care of all the communication, and that he would call me right back after speaking to the auto body guy.

True to his word, the re-inspector called me right back. He said the auto body guy was as rude to him as he was to me, but that my car would miraculously be ready later that day.

That was except for the headliner that had been somehow unattached. That would have to wait until after the first of the year.

So here it is, after the first of the year. I called the Mercury re-inspector yesterday. He called the auto body shop and arranged for a rental car (at their expense) for me. All I had to do was take my car in this morning.

The auto body guy couldn't have been nicer to me. He wasn't being condescending. He was actually polite and even friendly. What a lovely change.

I was picked up and whisked over to Enterprise for my rental car.

All they had available was a pick up truck or this:

It's a little bigger than I'm used to. I'm sure its carbon foot print is not as petite as my Corolla's. None the less, it's mine until the headliner is fixed.


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