Friday, October 19, 2007

Your Opinion Wanted!

How many of you have cell phones that you love?

How many of you have cell phones that you hate?

How many of you have cell phones that you love/hate?

How many of you have cell phones that you hate/love?

I need your help. I have a cell phone that I mostly hate, the Morotorala RAZR V3c. I can upgrade to a new phone in January (with Verizon) and have started wondering which phone to go with next.

Here's what I love about my cell phone:

The ring tones (I really do love them!)

The size

The keypad

Here's what I hate about my cell phone:

Its complete flakiness - the first one I had completely crashed and burned after 3 months, taking all my information with it. The replacement phone (the old one was under warranty) has been okay. Just okay. Not great.

The camera is worthless, even as cell phone cameras go.

No removable memory card.

Can't sync to my computer.

Can't read the clock when the cover is closed. I liked the analogue clock on my old Samsung.

To summarize, my current phone is very high maintenance, very unreliable, not very practical, yet extremely stylish and attractive. I am uncomfortable around people with those characteristics, and find them extremely vexing in a phone.

Can you please help me out? Please let me know what you love/hate about your current phone and why. I am toying with the idea of a Blackberry/Smart Phone. Any opinions on those? All constructive input is welcome.

Thanks for your help. If you need me, I'll be listening to my cool ring tones...

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