Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Night Date

Bob has been working 6 grueling days a week since Muni Band started - 4 with the band, and 2 with his other job, usually out of town. That's why I was extra grateful for a Monday night date tonight.

We are thankful to be Disney Annual Passholders. We decided to slip over to California Adventure for some dinner and a parade.

We hadn't tried the Mexican food place since it moved to its new location so we gave it a try.

It's not quite as good as our favorite Mexican food over in Disneyland, but delicious none the less.

We found a peaceful place near the water and enjoyed a warm breeze, a beautiful sunset, and each other's company.

Here I am on the outside of a couple of soft tacos:

Paradise Pier looked lovely as the moon made its way across the sky:

Our parade vantage point was excellent:

I haven't seen the Electrical Parade since the 70's. What an extremely pleasant blast from the past it was to see and hear it once again!

As the crowds surged to the main exits, we went against the flow and exited through the lovely Grand Californian Hotel and out to the trams just as the fireworks started. We watched the grand finale from the parking structure, then made our escape before the throngs even reached the main gates.

It was wonderful to spend the evening with my true love.

It made me feel like a genuine princess!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Muni Band In Review

I've been too occupied playing in the band to blog about it.

What I can do is show you the season so far.

Please bring your picnic and join us for Week Four.

See you in the parks of Long Beach!

Friday, July 3, 2009

It's A Sign!

Marine Stadium was filled to overflowing last night for its first Long Beach Municipal Band concert of the summer.

The crowd was the first of the year to see the magnificent new sign celebrating 100 years of Muni Band:

Fortunately, last night's audience contained trumpet player Chris Eble. Chris, a Muni Band regular, is on leave this season to play "Spamalot" at the Ahmanson Theater. He dropped by with his family to listen to the concert (we're THAT good!). The traffic in the greater Los Angeles area was HORRIFIC last night - so much so that one of the trumpet players got hopelessly mired in congestion and was unable to make the downbeat.

Along came Chris to the rescue! With the aid of Muni Band Crew member John and his trumpets, Chris jumped into action. Way to go Chris!

Also on hand was Darlene, the winner of a silent auction prize at March's Municipal Band Gala. Darlene's bid secured her the opportunity to conduct the band in the "Washington Post March":

She did a wonderful job!

To top the evening off, vocalist Barbara Morrison wowed the crowd:

You've got another chance to see us and our fabulous new sign tonight at 6:30 at El Dorado Park.

Be there or be square.