Monday, January 1, 2007

Lovin' Long Beach Airport

I love Long Beach Airport. I can't help it. I try to loathe it, but I just can't.

Take the parking. The closest lot is just a dollar an hour. You don't take your life in your hands to get to it either. Just drive in and park. I love that.

Then there's the cool observation deck where you can kick back and wait until you see the plane that you are waiting for land. I love that.

Of course, if there was a place for birds to land Jet Blue may not have faced that messy incident the day after Christmas.

We live just west of the airport. Sometimes C-17's practice taking off from the short runway that points directly toward our living room. I don't love that.

What I do love is that US Airways has a flight from Oklahoma City to Long Beach.

Bob's mom Nellie was able to come out for a visit.

I love that most of all.

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