Thursday, January 11, 2007


Is there anything sexier than a man employing a Swiffer duster?

My husband and I are both freelancers. Sometimes one of us is more "free" than the other. After almost 2 years of marriage, we are beginning to find our equilibrium regarding household maintenance.

Bob was expecting a long day of work today. I had a quintet rehearsal up at APU. After spending a few hours cooling his heels at the office, Bob was told his job was to be delayed by unavailable materials. He called and offered to do the marketing. You can't beat that!

When I finally returned, I was greeted by a freshly vacuumed home and my husband with a Swiffer in his hand. The refrigerator was fully stocked.

Not even Mr. Darcy walking through the dawn mist is as sexy as that!

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