Friday, July 13, 2007

Real Men Wear Pink Part 2

The men in pink returned for tonight's El Dorado Park concert, having made some manly modifications.

Notice the smokes rolled up in Greg's sleeve.

Justin and Mike preferred the no-sleeve look.

Dad, Mom, Aunt Charlo, Uncle Joe, Dick and Dolores schmooze before the concert:

My brother Ken soon arrived, after a long day at Public Works:

He finally convinced another city employee, Edward, to attend his first Muni Band concert.

Edward is now a complete Muni Band convert.

He can't believe he wasted all those years staying home.

Barbara Morrison was back tonight.

She is a crew favorite:

Here she is, wowing the crowd:

Meanwhile, the men in pink lurk in the background:

Barbara notices their snappy attire:

Shortly after this picture was taken, the crew got in trouble for being too conspicuous during the concert.

That's probably a good reason for the crew to wear black while on the job.

Sound crew Justin found an excellent use for his pink shirt:

During tonight's tear down, he was dispatched to clean one of the cables that had been dragged through dog droppings.

It truly was the only thing available for the job:

Riser crew Justin and Mike have vowed to wear their improved crew wear every night for the next 6 weeks...

...without laundering it.

Tuesday the men in pink travel to Bluff Park.

I'll keep you posted!

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