Saturday, July 28, 2007

Camp El Dorado

Playing a concert at El Dorado Park is like going to summer camp.


Because you have to hike to the portable toilets.

Here is my chair:

Here is the view from my chair.

Can you see the portable toilets?

Yeah, me neither.

Here's a closer look at the important destination:

Here's the view from the portable toilets.

Can you see the band stand?

Yeah, me neither.

Here are Riser Crew Mike and Justin 2 weeks into their unlaundered pink shirt stint:

As much as I like Mike, I've asked him to keep his aromatic distance while wearing the shirt.

Next week is called "High Adventure".

No, we're not using mind altering substances before the concerts.

Three weeks are left in the season.

Hurry on down!

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