Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Mom Remembered

My friend Monica (on the left) was at Marine Stadium with her sister for this evening's Muni Band Concert.

Monica's husband Gordon is the band's incredible drummer:

It's been almost a year since the last time Monica visited this particular park.

Last year she was with her mother:

"Mom" came to the Muni Band concerts faithfully for many years.

She called me "her girl" and always had a big smile and hug for me.

I was able to snap these pictures from the band stand last year.

"Mom" loved to hear Tony Galla sing, and he was on the program that evening.

Monica's mom passed away in November.

Tony, seen at tonight's concert, sang at her funeral.

Monica was so happy to get the above pictures last year.

She told me this evening that she wrote a note on the back of one of them and placed it in her mom's casket.

I know Monica's mom is with the Lord in heaven. I look forward to seeing her there.

Meanwhile, though, I sure do miss her.

Tomorrow, El Dorado Park.

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