Friday, July 20, 2007

Muni Band - Half Over or Half Left?

Whether you look at the season as half over or half still to go, Muni Band reached the mid point of the season tonight.

We have finished four weeks of concerts, with four yet to come.

If you've come out to the parks, THANK YOU!

If you haven't had the pleasure, what are you waiting for?

Dad and Mom joined us in El Dorado Park this evening.

Dick and Dolores were there as well, but Dick blinked during his picture.

Chris was visiting from Michigan on business. He was here for his first concert with my brother Ken.

Multi-talented Riser Crew Justin crafted his name out of coat hanger:

I want one!

Here's the scenic view from my chair:

Tony Galla was back for his final night this week.

He'll join us again for Week Eight.

Men In Pink Mike and Justin display their shirts after one week of continuous wear and no laundering:

Notice Mike's advanced case of "Riser Belly", caused by the risers rubbing against him as he loads them in the truck.

Please join us before the summer is over!

Tuesday finds us at Bluff Park.

Will it find you there as well?

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