Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Muni Band Week 2

Welcome to Muni Band Week 2!

A big atta boy goes to riser crew member Craig for overcoming an intense fear of heights and scaling the trucks to put up the band sign:

Way to go, Craig!

Meanwhile, riser crew member Mike keeps us entertained:

Included in tonight's audience was a bus load of music students from East Whittier Middle School:

Wednesday night regulars Ed and Betty came to tonight's concert instead:

I got back to the sound board for a quick visit with my dear husband:

The view from my seat:

This week's excellent singer John O'Campo with conductor Larry Curtis (who finally wore a band shirt tonight!)

Dave at the monitor board:

Adam from the sound crew said he would take pictures of the piccolos playing Stars and Stripes tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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