Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fire and Opera

This was my view this morning:

The venue was still quite soggy from yesterday's soaking.

Here is where I did my FlutePraying:

Notice the condition of the stage.

This was after the crew spent over 2 hours wiping it down.

The wonderful orchestra contractor made sure the muddy paths were covered with boards so we wouldn't be wearing the red clay for the rest of the day:

This was what the steps to the stage looked like when I arrived:

The excellent crew labored hard to get them cleaned up:

I've never been in fancier port-a-potties:

The stage covering was still so wet that there was fear of dripping on the instruments:

We were all given towels.

I never had to use mine:

Our marvelous conductor is on the left:

This is the view of the altar from stage left:

The green branches to the right of the drum are what burned:

My next stop was in Long Beach:

It was back to the car park for the final opera performance of this run.

Here's my work space:

The crew worked hard to set this up:

My dear brother Ken was able to attend:

Who knew a parking garage could look so cool:

Here are my instruments at the ready:

I have tomorrow off.

I'm going to sleep until Monday.

Next up: The King and I

I'll keep you posted.

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