Friday, April 20, 2007

Fire and Rain

What a difference a day makes.

The orchestra for the Fire Ceremony dress rehearsal was relocated inside due to the rain.

Here was my "spot" for the day:

We were grateful that someone finally recognized our "talent":

The orchestra venue was in the temple itself.

As we got ready to play, worshippers were filing by:

Our music is in the yellow folders:

The worshippers were waiting in line to go to this spot directly behind us... visit this:

We had our own "shooter":

When the time came, we had a live feed to the ceremony site via big screen.

Remember the pre-records we did last week?

They paid off.

We got to go to lunch right after the 2 live intro pieces while the pre-records were played during the ceremony.

Here is the all important food location:

We were provided with delicious vegetarian food:

This was our view during the ceremony:

It was a good day for some mint tea:

I poked my head outside to get a picture of the smoke from the fire in the ceremony:

We then shuffled back to the temple where we waited to see if our 1pm-5pm rehearsal was a go.

Then the glad tidings arrived!

We were released for the day.

We hopped on the waiting buses, scampered into our cars at the shuttle site, and headed HOME.

I'm going to get seriously reacquainted with my pillow before my 8:30 opera rehearsal tonight.

We're in a new venue.

Stay tuned...

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