Friday, April 13, 2007

From Hollywood to the Beach

I started the day out in Hollywood.

This is Vine Street just north of Melrose:

I'm too vertically challenged to get the entire Hollywood sign.

You'll have to settle for just "WOOD":

I was at Musician's Local 47:

We were rehearsing for a job next week at a Buddhist temple in Yorba Linda.

We had a 3 hour rehearsal in the morning, and a scheduled 3 hour recording session in the afternoon.

They wanted to record the music in case of rain.

Judging by our weather so far, they're probably pretty safe.

Eileen and Julie joined in the fluting:

This is me pretending to be tall:

From Hollywood I made my way down to Long Beach for an opera rehearsal.

This is the first view I got of the music:

No problem. I'd already played for 5 hours.

I was warmed up.

We've got another rehearsal tomorrow, with our first performance on Sunday.

Hey, I've got 12 hours before I have to leave.

I'll be practicing my flute!

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