Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When Good Technology Goes Bad, Part 2

Remember my Sunday experience at the Verizon store?

I took my faithful Voyager in for a software update and it got fried instead?

Here's something VERY weird.

My brother's Voyager fried after his software update. He took his phone back to the same Verizon store I did, was given a new one, and all was well.


He just texted me a voice message of ME wishing my husband a good night from an old text message that I had sent to Bob when he was out of town several months ago.


Somehow more than a little data that was completely lost to me has resurfaced on my brother's new phone.

I wonder what else of mine (besides the ring tones I lost during the melt down) my dear brother has on that new phone.

Fortunately he's not the blackmailing type...

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