Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello?!? Hello?!?

It was the talk of the after concert band party tonight.

Everyone that had been on the band stand at Marine Stadium last night was talking about a woman in the front row (FRONT ROW) of the audience sitting mere feet away from our professionally listening ears. The conductor had raised his hands to begin the first piece of the concert. The audience had fallen into an expectant hush.

Suddenly, in loud insistent tones the woman in the FRONT ROW put her cell phone to her ear and shouted (SHOUTED) "HELLO?!?! HELLO?!?"

Was she serious?

There before her was a (mostly) live 40 piece professional band poised like brain surgeons before the first incision of a dangerous surgery and she's yelling "HELLO?!?" into her CELL PHONE?

Hey, it's a concert in the park. We expect that to most people we're just the wallpaper to their social gathering. That's ok. HOWEVER, if you're sitting IN THE FRONT ROW we people who LISTEN FOR A LIVING will hear every syllable of your WHISPERED conversation. No need to YELL.

We'll keep on playing as if you weren't YELLING INTO YOUR CELL PHONE DURING A LIVE CONCERT WHILE SITTING IN THE FRONT ROW, but secretly we'll be wishing we could do this:


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