Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rude Awakening

This morning was my last chance to relax and sleep in before plunging back into work. I was greatly looking forward to savoring every last moment of a long, deep sleep.

I sleep wearing earplugs. I have to listen carefully for a living, so my ears are sharp and always on duty, much as I wish they weren't. Earplugs fool them into thinking there is nothing to hear. They work quite well.


I was very deeply asleep, busy dodging a fighter jet that was landing on my head (it didn't hurt) and watching, slack jawed, as an audience member talked loudly while his wife was singing on stage (don't you wish you had dreams like this?) when I was violently wrenched from my slumber.





RING!!!!!!!!!!! RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gardener usually makes his appearance on TUESDAY mornings (way too early, I might add). What was he doing here at 8:20am on Labor Day weekend and why was he LABORING???

I was still completely dazed with sleep when THE PHONE STARTED RINGING AT 8:21 ON A SATURDAY MORNING OVER LABOR DAY WEEKEND.

Who could it be?

I could see by the caller ID that it was an APU student I haven't met yet. They called twice during my vacation time, listened to the phone message I left that clearly stated to call back on Saturday, August 30 to schedule an audition time for Monday morning's auditions, but IGNORED THE PART ABOUT CALLING BACK AFTER 11AM!!!!! They only had 4 MONTHS TO SCHEDULE THEIR AUDITION TIME. 8:21am on LABOR DAY WEEKEND was their calling time of choice? It's an interesting way to make an impression on the auditioner.

I pushed Ignore on the phone and tried to re-enter dreamland. Sadly, the gates were closed and firmly barred against me.

I got up, worked out, practiced my flute, and planned the audition sight reading pieces for Monday. They seem to be extra challenging this year.

Maybe it was the early morning phone call...

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