Friday, August 22, 2008

FlutePrayer's Cambria facebook Workshops

On Wednesday my sister Christy and my nephew Mason made the drive over from Atascadero to Cambria to see us.

First up? SNACKS!!!

Then while Bob and Mason discussed the ins and outs of the latest computer games...

...Christy and I got down to business. She was here for a facebook workshop (and, well, snacks).

This is Christy before the workshop, overwhelmed with application angst:

This is Christy after the workshop, delivered from facebook fear:

Word traveled swiftly through the sibling grapevine. This morning I got an email from my sister Janine asking if she could come to Cambria from Paso Robles to attend a facebook workshop of her own (and, well, for the snacks).

Here is Janine before the workshop:

Here I am, coming along side her to walk her through the delete application process:

Here is Janine after successfully nixing the questionable applications from her profile, happily surfing:

After the facebook fears were put to rest, we headed out to the ranch for a refreshing walk along the bluffs.

This is a view looking north back to where our house is located:

This is the southern aspect:

The final workshop product; facebook felicity:

My sisters graduated from their Cambria facebook workshop with honors (and lots of snacks)!

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