Monday, August 27, 2007

Visitors in Paradise

My sister Christy, her husband Dave, and their son Mason drove west from Atascadero to take in our little bit of paradise yesterday.

We had fine weather for our walk on the ranch and nearby tide pools. The remnants of Hurricane Dean dropped moisture further south, but didn't touch us here.

We got a close view of several turkey vultures as they made their way to the beach below the ranch boardwalk. We couldn't see what was on the menu, but could certainly smell it, and appreciated their role in clearing out the carrion.

The tide was low, so we got a good look at the tide pools. Mason accurately observed that the exposed sea weed looked like potpourri. It certainly didn't smell like potpourri!

A lavish spread of the most exquisite snack (read junk) food was enjoyed upon our return home.

We all remarked on how peaceful and relaxing the surroundings were.

I woke up this moring thinking of my teaching responsibilities back home. That's just wrong! I'm going back to reading.

School can wait!

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