Thursday, August 23, 2007

Foggy Walk

We strolled over to the East West Ranch yesterday afternoon. It was a cool, foggy afternoon so we donned sweatshirts and headed out.

It's a mile across the ranch to Marine Terrace along a beautifully accessible trail. We saw lots of pelicans and some seals. Still eluding us are sea otters and whales, although we've seen them here before.

We walked around Marine Terrace and down to the beach. The tide was in, and it was fun to watch the waves pound up to us.

We hiked back across the ranch using the upper dog and bike trail. It has been completely graded and groomed into a wide swath which doubles as a fire road. Dogs are allowed off their leashes here, and several were romping about.

Dogs weren't the only thing out yesterday. We encountered a coyote shadowing the trail. It was amazing how its coat blended in so perfectly with its surroundings. We got the feeling that it was on the prowl for delicious brisket of dachshund or fillet of Fifi. Fortunately, none were to be had.

We made a quick trip into town for some sherry from Fermentations. Then we parked ourselves in front of the fire for a quiet evening of reading and crosswords.

I took myself into the palatial bathroom, filled the jacuzzi tub with warm water and bubbles, lit a bunch of candles, and read Ruth Reichl's "Garlic and Sapphires" for an hour and a half. Believe me, I've never sat in a tub that long before! It was wonderful. I'm thinking of doing it again tonight!

We're off to Hearst Castle this afternoon. Bob has never been there, so we're taking Tour One. I'll let you know how it goes if I can get this incredibly spotty dial-up connection to behave.

Meanwhile, it's time to sit and breathe the clean sea air.


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