Friday, August 24, 2007

Castle in the Clear

Bob and I drove the short 8 miles to Hearst Castle yesterday. When we arrived, the hill was completely shrouded in fog. We had scheduled a 3:40 tour, but there was room on the 1:40 tour instead. We gulped down some truly mediocre yet expensive food, then made our way onto our tour bus for the winding 5 mile trek up the hill.

Then something truly wonderful happened. The fog lifted to reveal breathtaking vistas of ocean, hills, and, of course, the Castle.

The tour guides that met us at the top said until that moment the grounds had been completely enveloped in mist. We were treated to clear, deep blue skies and very mild temperatures, unlike the 105 degrees reported a few days earlier.

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Mr. Hearst's "ranch". We both took lots of pictures. I'll post some when we find some DSL.

Today we plan to have no plans. We can sleep until tomorrow if we want. Maybe we will!

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