Saturday, August 18, 2007

Auf Wiedersehen Marine Stadium, Good Bye El Dorado Park

A large crowd packed the park Thursday evening as the Long Beach Municipal Band said Auf Wiedersehen to Marine Stadium.

It was blazing hot on the band stand.

The sound system tried to go down repeatedly during the concert.

Bob resuscitated it, but it wasn't pretty for him.

Friday saw the final set up at El Dorado Park:

The three Men In Pink spent a good part of the night smoking brisket in this marvelous contraption:

Mike, Greg, and Justin not only set up the risers, stands, chairs, and mike stands, but provided amazing barbecue for the band.

My niece Bethany and her husband Tim vamped it up Hollywood style.

They stopped by on their way back to Templeton from Palm Springs.

My sister Janine drove down from Paso Robles with her youngest son Peter (left) and our nephew Mason (right) especially for the concert.

Beverly, Mom and Dad are in the background.

Bethany and I take a break in front of the band stand before the concert:

Bob was trying to grab a bit of brisket while praying over the sound system.

It was on its last legs.

It limped through the last concert.

Fortunately for us it didn't quit altogether.

Aunt Charlo and Uncle Joe joined in the fun:

My brother Ken was feeling goofy after a long day at work:

A bit of serious warming up was required after ingesting such a large amount of brisket:

My view of the final concert:

After the final tear down in the park, all the equipment was unloaded here...

...where it will hibernate until next summer.

So long, Muni Band.

You will be missed!

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