Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friday Adventures

We went from a sea of boats at our Thursday concert to a sea of people at El Dorado Park.

Dad, Beverly and Mom were back after last week's absence.

Beverly is feeling better and Mom & Dad had a wonderful vacation on Orcas Island.

Betty and Ed made it down from Glendora, while Charlo and Joe had a quick jaunt up from Seal Beach.

Charlo's knee is recovering nicely from the surgery. She walked into the park on her own power.

Go Charlo!

Dick and Dolores were also in attendance but missed the photo op.

We have been enjoying "High Adventure" week.

One high adventure that wasn't so fun was the power that went out repeatedly just minutes before the sound check.

Bob to the rescue!

Kurt conducted so fast his fingers disappeared!

Our lurking lenslinger was back.

Hey, who are you pointing that thing at?!?

Carol Welsman completed a wonderful week in style. I'm enjoying her "Swing Ladies, Swing!" CD.

Next week, "Toot, Whistle, and Boom!"

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