Friday, August 3, 2007

Family Night At The Park

Thursday was family night at Marine Stadium.

Flutist Patti was joined by "the boys".

John and James, on a 4 week home visit from Korea, attended their first Muni Band concert with Jonathan and Aaron.

They were looking forward to hearing the "Harry Potter" piece that Patti had been practicing all week.

Clarinetist Leah had her beautiful, thriving daughter in attendance.

Conductor Larry handed off the baton to his son Kurt for a guest conducting stint that kept it all in the family:

Several members of the Disneyland Band (sorry, no pictures of them) came by to watch their fearless assistant leader in front of a different cast of characters.

An unidentified shooter was slinging his lens throughout the concert.

Carol Welsman was in his sights.

We'll be at El Dorado Park tonight.

Please come join us!

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