Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vixen Venue

The orchestra moved into the "Vixen" venue at the Center Theater yesterday afternoon.

I arrived early enough to slither into my seat before the egress was blocked:

My colleagues settle into place:

My close companions, these lights are so near my chair that I can't hang a sweater on the back of it without the threat of ignition:

The violins are wedged in to my immediate right. Fortunately, the video camera that broadcasts the conductor to the monitors where the singers can see him absorbs the brunt of the piccolo playing, thus shielding a hapless string player from deafness and misery.

My view of Andreas is fairly unobstructed. The violist in front of me is extra tall, but is quite willing to adjust his position to keep out of my line of sight.

The carpool is coming in less than 2 hours for today's rehearsal.

I'm looking forward to what the "Vixen" brings.

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