Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Cunning New Year

Yes, I've been light on the blog posts. That's because I've been heavy on the practice strategizing.

I had a simply marvelous week off before Christmas. I put my feet up and did NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. And I LIKED it!

I'm excited to get back in the practice habit because I've got something wonderful to practice for:

Those of you who know me well know that I adore working with Andreas Mitisek and Long Beach Opera. Bob and I stopped by the opera office right before Christmas to pick up my music. Andreas welcomed us like family, offered us delicious candy, and had me so excited about the upcoming production by the time we left that I almost thought I should pay him for the privilege of playing in it.


I've been slowly ramping my chops up, listening to the recording repeatedly, trying to get the rented music in shape (it's a marked up MESS - did a junior higher get ahold of it?), and preparing mentally for the time ahead (no, I can't play it perfectly now; yes, I will be able to manage it by January 17).

I am so grateful that lessons at APU don't begin until the week after the first performance. My students should be grateful as well. I'm a little scary when I'm in focused professional musician mode.

Our first rehearsal is next Thursday. Our first performance is 9 days later. That's not a lot of time to swallow a 3 act opera whole.

But we'll do it.

And we'll LIKE it!

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