Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quintet, Etc.

Friday found me at La Habra High School with the quintet.

We were very impressed with the attentive, enthusiastic crowd of high school musicians who attended our concert.

One of the day's highlights came when bassoonist Rufus and I mistakenly made our way into the Attendance Office instead of the Administration Office. We were curtly told to go stand in line, on the assumption that I was bringing a tardy Rufus to school.

That was worth a giant giggle.

Here's my chair:

Later in the day I was blessed to find myself lounging in the afternoon sun at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point.

This picture sums up bliss to me (if you ever get the chance, drink deeply of the delicious water shown):

Meanwhile, Bob has been texting me from beautiful Ridgecrest where he is giving away free CFL's and educating people on energy conservation:

He's been gone since Friday, but he'll be home later tonight.

Tomorrow will find us both at APU for the quintet concert at 7:30pm. Bob will be engineering and I will be praying that my flute speaks eloquently.

The concert is free.

Please join us!

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