Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mom and Dad Meet Frankenstein!!

My mom and dad were able to attend this afternoon's Long Beach Opera performance of Strauss Meets Frankenstein. Also in attendance was my grad student Amy and her roommate Christy.

Once again I was able to sit in the audience and take in the sheer artistry of Michael York and Lisa Sylvester as they performed Enoch Arden for the last time. I still got all teary eyed and had to go blow my nose before the second half and "Frankenstein!!".

Here's a funny side note: When I went down to the "Orchestra Women"'s dressing room before the show, I heard a disembodied voice from the restroom area..."Teri, are you wearing earrings?"

Lisa had left hers at home and was trying to figure out who she could call who might be wearing earrings. I was happy to see my earrings gracing Lisa's ears as the haunting music of Ricard Strauss flowed from her talented fingers during the first half of the show.

Another side note: Lisa told me she was a little bitter on Thursday when she was assigned the "Orchestra Women"'s dressing room instead of one all her own. She laughed and said, "Then I did the math and realized there was only one other woman in the orchestra!" It was fun sharing dressing room space with a star!

After the show, as we were walking back to the car, my dad saw "The Sky Room" and shared an historical fact with us. He took "the twins" (whoever they were) to an after Senior Prom party there. The occasion just begged for a picture:

As we drove under the bridge commemorating the roller coaster that used to be at The Pike, Mom and Dad both reminisced about the scary times they had on that creaking behemoth.

A good time was had by all.

Oh, and I got paid


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