Monday, March 31, 2008

August in Cambria

The time to plan a vacation is earlier rather than later.

That's why Bob and I have just reserved our own slice of Cambria, California for late August, right after the end of the Long Beach Municipal Band season.

We've spent the past 3 summers in Cambria enjoying ourselves while doing absolutely nothing but take naps, eat, take more naps, hiking a little, eating, then getting to bed so we can wake up and take more naps.

Naps. We like naps.

We're trying a new property this year:

We know we will enjoy this view:

Here is the living room:

I'm looking forward to curling up in this bedroom with a good book:

All this and more comes for the price of a medium okay hotel room.

Be sure to contact for your own slice of Cambria.

It is truly heavenly.

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