Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reverse 911 Works!

I got the call just after 8:30 this evening.

There had been a power outage in our neighborhood. We were without streetlights or residential power.

When I answered my ringing phone (okay, it wasn't ringing, exactly. It was making the sounds heard on the Starship Enterprise's bridge, but I digress) the recorded information from the Signal Hill Police Department gave a concise, detailed explanation of exactly what was going on including the perimeter of the power outage and the steps being taken by the Edison Company and the Signal Hill PD to insure our safety and security. I was assured that SHPD patrol cars were out on the street and available should any problems arise. The phone call included the number for the Signal Hill PD with the invitation to call should any assistance be required.

It was really cool.

The lights came on around 9pm.

I am grateful to report that Signal Hill's reverse 911 system works!

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