Saturday, October 6, 2007

Chance Encounter

It seems every time Bob and I visit the Mouse House we have a chance encounter.

Sometimes we see our Muni Band colleagues with the Disneyland Band.

Sometimes we run into old friends.

It's always a welcome surprise.

We had a totally unexpected treat on Monday.

We were just leaving the lockers on Main Street when we literally bumped into Melissa, a colleague of Bob's. She was there with her young charge, riding as many rides and seeing as many sights as possible.

Although I'd never met Melissa before, I had seen this:

I was glad to finally meet her, not because I'd ever seen her on TV, but because she lent me a new Pride and Prejudice book.

She has excellent taste!

So next time you go to Mickey's Kingdom, keep your eyes peeled.

You never know who you might encounter!

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