Friday, October 26, 2007

Colonel Corn's Mission

Photo of Kenneth Corn

I am grateful to Lenslinger at Viewfinder Blues for many things.

He has a way with words. You'll just have to surf over there and sample them for yourself. Prepare for a banquet of ravishing prose!

He is a big fan of beFrank, my blogging hero - no higher praise than that!

He "introduced" me to Kenneth Corn's Mission.

Kenneth Corn is a photojournalist for a local television station in North Carolina. For some riveting reading, surf on over to Kenneth's blog "Kenya Mission 2007". He is posting entries from the journal he kept during his summer trip to Kenya as a mission team videographer. I am waiting impatiently for his next entry. Kenneth says, "I'm a bit slow in writing but I will get my whole journal on the web for everyone to enjoy."

To review:

Lenslinger: Great bedtime stories (He tends to post at night. I look forward to every one)

beFrank: The coolest, wittiest author who ever posted an illustrated blog entry (He does pretty well at his day job, too)

Kenneth Corn: My missions hero

Have fun in the blogsphere!

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