Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Facing facebook


What's facebook?

Why is there no capital in facebook?

Why is facebook one word?

I wasn't at all interested in facing facebook, even after receiving an invitation to join the facebook APU Faculty Network. It was too much for my 20th century brain to wrap around.

Trouble is, my APU students continually referenced facebook.

Like, constantly.

Still not interested.

Then my niece Bethany invited me to join facebook.

The nerve!

It took about a week before I took the plunge. Even then I didn't use my real name. I stuck with the name of this blog - with one minor variation. facebook would not accept FlutePrayer as my name. I was required to have a first name (Flute) and a last name (Prayer). Works for me.

Anyway, I finally signed up a few days ago. Here's what I discovered:

facebook is a great way to be in touch with my flute students, past and present. It is easy to use and not at all creepy.

In fact, it's kind of addictive.

So if you don't see me hanging around the blog as much, you can always find me at facebook...

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