Wednesday, June 27, 2007

If It's Wednesday It Must Be Los Cerritos Park

Wednesdays find the Municipal Band at Los Cerritos Park.

It was great to see Betty and Ed again:

(Betty has supplied me with some fantastic recipes!)

Here's Bob attaching a light to the speaker stack:

The crowd gathers before the concert:

Patti waits patiently for the down beat:

The trumpets are featured down front for "Buglers Holiday":

We had our own lenslinger, Diandra Jay from the Press Telegram, this evening:

Here she is talking to the kids dancing in front of the speakers:

Here's Diandra's shot from the Press Telegram:

Patti's son Aaron joined the throng:

China and Eileen hide their so-called (and non-existent)"chicken necks":

Eileen's husband Chris chaperons Clancy:

Tomorrow, Marine Stadium.

Y'all come down now, hear?

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