Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Found Nemo!

My dear husband Bob has been out of town.

With his blessing, I made my way to Disneyland solo yesterday.

I was on a mission.

I was Finding Nemo.

I went in understanding that the wait could be as long as 5 hours.

I do not normally go in for excessive waiting.

In this instance, however, I was willing to do it for old time's sake.

I checked the wait time board at the end of Main Street:

What's 210 divided by 60?

I was still trying to do the math as I made my way back toward Small World to join the line.

I gave up, figuring it was a long time.

I was totally committed to my mission.

I was relieved to see the line started by the Matterhorn rather than Small World.

I entered the line at about 12:30.

The people in front of me and behind me were really nice.

We got to know each other pretty well in the time that followed.

Here are some of the sights we saw:

I can't get excited about the Autopia ride:

Maybe it's because my younger sister was tall enough to ride by herself before I was.

More likely, though, it's because it is a grim reminder of what I fought through to get here in the first place.

Here's one of our first views of the Lagoon:

Wisely, the Disney folks put the far reaches of the line around some very scenic property:

The views kept us docile, even as the sun beat down upon us.

Again wisely, the Disney folks provided cool umbrellas to shade the boring switchback part of the line:

Without those, we all would have cooked to death.

The seagulls talk now, as opposed to the last time I saw them:

Even the monorail has a cool new Nemo wrap:

It was a posted 30 minute wait from this sign:

It seemed like less.

We actually arrived at our sub in 75 minutes, not the stated 210:

Here are the port holes:

Here is the same cool shell covered wall that I remember:

Our voyage began:

We saw some cool divers.

The dark part of the ride is really incredible (for more details from click here).

It was well worth the wait.

Finding Nemo is a pearl!

Congratulations Disney!

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