Friday, June 29, 2007

Family Friday at El Dorado Park

It was Family Friday at El Dorado Park.

It was great to see regular concert attendees the Stark Family after an entire winter:

Dad and Mom join shy Bob for a picture:

Uncle Joe and Aunt Charlo were just back from Alaska:

Mom & Dad's friends Dolores and Dick are also faithful concert goers:

Dear family friend Beverly has been attending concerts for decades:

Patti's man Jonathan was subbing in on oboe tonight:

Here is riser crew member Justin with his bride of 3 weeks Rachael:

My brother Ken greets Mom upon his arrival after work:

Ken is also an employee of the City of Long Beach in Public Works:

This is Ken's boss, the City Engineer, and his lovely wife:

Bob doing the sound check before the concert:

The view from my chair:

Me in my chair:

My flute student Emilie enjoyed the concert:

Week one is history.

Join us next week for "An American Salute".

See you in the park!

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