Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sisterly Lunch In Paso Robles

Christy and I left Mason at home exploring unknown galaxies and headed to Paso Robles.

We were meeting our sister Janine for her birthday lunch.

Jani had never eaten Thai food so we met at Basil Thai Restaurant in Downtown Paso Robles.

Christy had eaten here before...

...but Janine and I were first time visitors:

I ordered the Pineapple Rice.

I wanted to play with the pineapple:

Janine was served complimentary "fish sticks" and ice cream.

(Those were really fried bananas which were unbelievably delicious)

We strolled around to corner to check out the new luxury hotel in town:

This is the reception area...

...which leads out into a private enclosed courtyard:

Christy and Janine lounged about like tourists:

We weren't looking so relaxed at 11:15am on December 22, 2003.

We were sitting in Park Cinemas waiting to see "Return of the King" when a killer 6.5 earthquake struck.

We exited the theater, looked to the right, and this is what we saw (photo from CNN website):

Things were looking much better today:

This is the Clock Tower building that collapsed:

Downtown is so beautiful now:

The Clock Tower has been restored:

We spent the afternoon strolling around and shopping.

The Wine Festival is next weekend.

Come check it out.

You won't be disappointed.

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