Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dogs of the Central Coast

I have more piratey pictures from Disneyland, but first things first.

I've long been promising a "Dogs of the Central Coast" blog post.

Wait no more!

Meet the head dog:

Penny (above) belongs to my sister Christy and her family. A rescue dog, she currently resides in Atascadero, California.

Next meet Chassie in her running shoes:

She was named after the car part.

She currently resides in Templeton with my niece, SLO Lurker Bethany, and Bethany's husband Tim:

There is a new addition to the Dogs of the Central Coast.

Meet Olive:

Olive is also a rescue dog. Originally named "Jasper", Olive currently resides in Paso Robles with my niece Heather and Heather's husband Matt (not pictured - he was coaching a game):

Olive and Penny have their second meeting:

Penny was so patient and kind with Olive. Olive got brave and started chewing on Penny's beard. Penny took it like the patient "aunt" that she is.

Here is Grandma Christy with the latest in doggie grand dogs:

I love my doggie grand nieces!

Next up, more Pirates...

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