Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Release The Air

No, this is NOT a post about breathing techniques for the flute.

It is, however, about another kind of technique.

"Release the air!".

As I lay in the hospital bed waiting for my routine colonoscopy, I heard this phrase being repeated like a mantra to patients all around me.

"Release the air! Don't be shy!"


"Release the air!"

I finally got an explanation from the kind woman prepping me for my procedure.

"The colon is filled with air to make it easier for the doctor to see. When you wake up, it is important to release the air."

Ever the delicate conversationalist I asked, "Do you mean fart?"

"Yes," was the immediate reply. "It is considered proper etiquette around here."


I was wheeled into the procedure room with a smile on my face.

When I awoke, I knew just what to do.


Finally, something I'm good at!

A Serious Post Script:

Why endure a colonoscopy? Because you could be harboring this:

My Polyp

Most people have a few polyps hanging around their colons. They are easily removed:

Now It's Gone!

Why remove them? Because they progress into cancer of the colon.

This simple procedure prevents disaster.

Don't put off your chance to RELEASE THE AIR...

UPDATE: The biopsy results show the pre-cancerous polyp was CANCER FREE.


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