Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mickey Fashions

As we talked about last week, there are a lot of Mickeys at Disneyland.

Check out these roses growing up the Monorail supports in the Entrance Plaza:

After so much subliminal messaging, it is very hard to resist the urge to depart the Park without something Mickey.

Add two adorable great nephews to the mix and The Mouse is going to get some of my coin.

Introducing niece Bethany and husband Tim's son Sam in his stylin' Mickey onesy:

Sam finds it just the thing to wear while playing with the rings:

Meanwhile, Sam's older cousin Hunter bursts on the scene in his cool Mickey jersey:

The son of Coach Matt, Hunter and Mickey love to help mommy Heather with "oobs" (herbs) in the garden:

Those handsome boys are growing fast.

Pretty soon they'll need bigger Mickey fashions.

Fortunately, Great Aunt Doda will be back at Disneyland tomorrow...

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