Friday, September 12, 2008

Verizon Wireless: You're Doing It Right

Unlike my unfortunate experience with Verizon Fios customer service (the phone line is still working - thanks for asking), I had a transcendent moment with Rick at Verizon Wireless customer service this morning.

When my phone fried last month I had been promised credit for the ring tones I had to re-purchase. This month's bill arrived WITHOUT the credit.

I tried to remain calm, took deep breaths, and called Verizon Wireless customer service, preparing for a long battle.

Rick took the call, looked at my record, saw that I hadn't been credited, applied the credit, and thanked me for my business all in about 20 seconds. A quick check of my balance verified that it wasn't a dream and he had done all he promised to do.

What a great business concept!

Verizon Wireless: YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT!!!

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