Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Because We Can

Azusa Pacific University auditions took place yesterday. Classes start tomorrow.

Today, after I dutifully practiced my flute, Bob and I headed to Disneyland.

We hadn't visited since the end of June, at which time it was pretty painfully crowded.

Today it was empty.


There is nothing like ample elbow room as you stroll down Main Street. Only then can you appreciate the amazing attention to detail lavished throughout the entire park (well, except in Tomorrowland). You can actually see more than the frantic posterior of the person directly in front of you as you race to the rides.

No racing for us today. We meandered over to our restaurant of choice:

It was almost empty.


We enjoyed the peaceful guitar music and our delicious meals:

Such a natural, unposed portrait:

This is my new favorite menu item:

We were in no hurry. We wandered onto a few rides and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Then it was time to mosey on down the river and home.

We'll be back before too long.


Because we can.

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