Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Toy Story Mania Sneak Peak

As I mentioned previously, Bob and I were fortunate winners of Toy Story Mania Sneak Peek passes.

Today was our lucky day:

But first, I had an appointment to keep with former student Amy:

Amy graduated from APU with her Masters in Flute Performance last month.
To celebrate, we got our favorite menu item:
Tostada Salads!

Then we were off to California Adventure for surprises galore:

Bob and I waited patiently in the very hot queue.

I dubbed it "the hot room".

After being delivered from the frying pan we grabbed our 3-D glasses and headed for the ride vehicles:

I got a yellow cannon:

It rocked!

Bob had a better result than me:

Amy was also able to experience the Mania:

This time I was green:

Toy Story Mania is a frantically fun ride.

It opens to the public on June 17 and is worth the price of admission.

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