Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Muni Band Load In 2008

The 99th Season of the Long Beach Municipal Band park concerts doesn't officially begin until next week.

The 99th season of the 7 man Muni Band Crew began today with the load in activities. Over the course of the next 9 weeks these mighty men will work together as a team to set up and tear down 31 concerts at 6 different venues.

College graduates all (2 are currently working on their Masters degrees), they none the less speak with great economy. Here then , in crew speak, is a description of this morning's load in:



More stuff:

Stuff must go into trucks:

The new front of house sound board makes its first ride up the lift (oh wait; that was Flute talk):

Sound equipment:

More sound equipment:

Even more sound equipment:


Warehouse almost empty:


So when you're kicking back at the concerts, libation in hand, take a moment to think about the hours of labor put in by the excellent sound crew (Bob, David, Adam, and Justin) and manly riser crew (Greg, Justin, and Mike). They'll be in the park tearing down the concert set up long after you've left.

And they'll LIKE it.

Tomorrow: Mock Set Up

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