Sunday, June 1, 2008

Artistic Relief

I got seriously abused at work today.

Well, not me personally.

I was on stage with a group of musicians who were seriously abused as a whole.


Take the money.



Believe me, the only thing that got me through the afternoon with any form of sanity was the thought that after the abuse, er, gig I was going to the closing reception for "The Art of News II" at the NoHo Gallery where mighty blogger beFrank was exhibiting some of his masterful photographs.

Aside from getting an eyeful of some wonderful art, beFrank graciously explained his time travel experiences of late. If you ask him real nice he might enlighten you as well. Go ahead, ask him. I was quite impressed with what I heard.

Dave Bryan (BRYAN???), a subject of one of be(BRYAN)Frank's pictures made an appearance at the reception.

If you squint you might be able to see beFrank's photo "Citizen Dave" over Dave's right shoulder:

Can't see it?

How's this:

Still can't see it? Sorry. It didn't make the gallery's web site where I lifted this beauty by Bryan.

Trust me, it was brilliant.

My favorite part of the reception?


I got to meet Action Wife Dellis and the lovely Frank daughters Dania and Camia in person. What a delight!

And to top it off, famous blogger Darleene and her handsome spouse Trinity dropped by. I didn't get a picture of us together, but long-armed beFrank did. When he gets it posted I'll lift it and put it up here.

He said it was okay.


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